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My work

Brown bag 1.png

Coffeegna Company

Coffeegna branding project  

Final Poster_Shama Ibrahim_H00367282.webp

Unrealistic beauty standards

Unrealistic beauty standards project 


Logo Collection

Multiple logo designs  

Handheld Camera

Video Collection

Short videos 

mockup for logo 1.png

Yehhal Project

Yehhal Mall of Emirate’s branding project 

Kids Games Package

Kids inflight kit for Eithad Ariline 

Subway Poster Mockup.png

Poster Collection

Multiple poster designs  

Table setup with devices

Website Collection

Multiple Websites that been created by me  

Hand Holding Coffee Cup Mockup.png

Blue Water Café 

Blue water branding café project 


Shama Art

Art work

Tablet Sketch

Infographic Collection

Multiple infographic designs 

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